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Watch this video and more on ROYDEAN.TV

Passing the Guard

Blue Belt Requirements | Chaptered • 11m

Up Next in Blue Belt Requirements | Chaptered

  • Leg Locks

    In this video, I review a handful of essential leg locks for your jiu-jitsu game.

    00:05 Introduction

    1:18 Footwork and Entry

    2:52 Heel Hook

    4:36 Straight Footlock

    7:04 Toe Press

    8:16 Knee Bar

  • Ukemi

    In this video, we go over the fundamentals of ukemi and why it is important.

    1:18 Forward Rolls

    3:02 Backward Rolls

    4:26 Break Fall

  • Throws and Takedowns

    In this video, I go over a few essential throws and takedowns.

    00:01 Footwork - O Goshi

    1:24 Hip Throw - O Goshi

    2:41 Inside Trip - O Uchi Gari

    4:05 High C to Double Leg Takedown

    6:10 Pummeling - Sensitivity Drill

    7:35 Head and Arm Throw

    9:23 Lateral Drop

    10:44 Double Leg Tackle