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roy dean is an expert in the art of jiu jitsu.

his education is extensive, holding first degree black belts in kodokan judo and aikikai aikido, as well as third degree black belts in Japanese  and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  he continues to be a student of the legendary roy harris, and is recognized by the international brazilian jiu jitsu federation, with affiliated academies around the world. 

he is also well versed in media, with an icam (interdisciplinary computing and the arts major) from the university of california, san diego, an award winning background in audio engineering and sound design, and industry leading projects in dvds, apps, and ott services.

ten years ago, dean launched a jiu jitsu academy like no other, and captured the process of leading students to black belt in an acclaimed series of instructionals known as "The Collection", scored by: "sound of the way: music for martial arts."

he has written about this journey in 2 books,"The Martial Apprentice" and "Becoming the Black Belt."

it is his distinct pleasure to be an ambassador for the art of jiu jitsu, and expose others to this modern warrior's way.