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  • Building the Wall

    In this CVBJJ Online lesson, we talk about the concept of building the wall. This is to help trap your opponent's arm while you are transitioning into a technique or a better position.

  • Kesagatame Options

  • Mount Escapes

    In this episode of CVBJJ Online, we look at a few escapes from the mount position: Trap and Roll, Foot Drag Elbow Escape, and Hip Bump to X Guard.

  • Kesagatame Options

    In this lesson from CVBJJ Online, we go over six options or attacks from kesagatame.

    0:44 Americana

    2:19 Arm Triangle

    3:56 Telephone Counter

    4:48 Arm in Ezekiel

    5:17 The Body Crush

    6:33 Short Arm Triangle

  • Escaping Kesagatame

    In this CVBJJ Online lesson, we cover how to escape kesagatame with four possible options.

    Body Lock and Roll, Post to Duck Under, Duck Under to Kimura, and Duck under to Back.

  • Chokes from the Back