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Watch this video and more on ROYDEAN.TV

Kimura Combinations | Norway 2022

Selected Seminars • 44m

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  • Wristlocks, Footlocks, and Kimuras | ...

  • 2020 Desert Seminar

    In this 2020 Desert Seminar at Coachella Valley Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, I focus on a handful chokes.

    00:41 Elevator Sweep

    1:53 Knee Push to Elevator Sweep

    3:28 Overhook to Elevator Sweep

    4:40 Loop Choke

    6:16 Loop Choke to Knee Block

    7:54 Loop Choke to Guillotine

    9:08 Loop Choke to Cross Choke

  • The Humerus Seminar

    At this seminar, hosted at Coachella BJJ, I discuss a variety of humerus-focused techniques, from the perspectives of aikido, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, judo, and wrestling.

    1:29 Ikkyo

    2:50 Ikkyo II

    3:34 Ikkyo III

    5:04 Ikkyo to Figure-Four Lock

    7:30 Shoulder to Humerus to Reverse Kimura

    9:55 Fire...