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Frequently asked questions

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Do you have an affiliate academy in my city?

the current list of affiliates can be found here.  my recommendation for finding a local academy is to take your time, go to many schools, observe their classes and also note the vibe and culture.  if it resonates, then you may have a good fit.  don't just go for a name.  it should feel just right.

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Do you do private lessons?

i teach private lessons from time to time.  the rate is $250 an hour.  scheduling is required.

visitors to los angeles will drive to cvbjj in palm desert, and will probably enjoy spending a few days in this spectacular area.  

golf, dining, the living desert, el paseo, and world class training at cvbjj all await you.

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i'd like to become an affiliate.  How can I get started?

affiliation is a process, and if accepted, a real responsibility.

the process starts with a letter, and moves on an in person interview.